Varia is designed to deliver the highest quality brewing experience, durability and aesthetics crafted from stainless steel, BPA-free materials and silicone.

After each use, rinse the coffee residue and wipe off the residual oil with a cloth. If used frequently Varia can be cleaned once a month with a mild neutral detergent. (Not recommended for washing in a dishwasher).

Filter: The metal filter is easy to clean and disassemble. If there is coffee residue attached to it, the seal ring can be removed and immersed in water to remove the residue.

Moka Pot Funnel: Over time coffee residue may build up inside the funnel pipe - immerse in water to remove the residue before further use.

If you require additional replacement seals, these can be purchased through your local dealer. If you require any additional replacement parts for our products please reach out directly to our team so that we may assist you.

Each Varia product is supplied with a set of seals (black) that will ensure a 12 month replacement programme. 

Ensure not to overpack the basket, however you are able to
dose 16-18gm (maximum) in the basket depending on the
grind size and desired flow rate for the coffee.

Please also ensure the filter screens & seals are securely in place in the Moka Funnel cavity and do not fall out when tapped on a surface etc.

Some induction heat elements are “zone sensitive”, Varia has been designed to work on newer induction units post 2010 that do not require this minimum diameter to activate the heat zone.

Solution. - Please ask the customer to try offsetting a pot/pan with water which works on this heat unit next to the Varia. The pot/pan will activate the heat zone and then simply slide the Varia onto the heat zone beside the pot/pan and slowly move the pan off leaving only the Varia. Alternatively, the pot/pan can just be set to the side of the Varia activating the zone also.

When the safety valve releases during brewing, it is releasing over-pressure in the
boiler chamber, signalling that the coffee basket was over-packed and/or the coffee
was too fine in grind size. Another reason could be that the filter screen in the Moka
Funnel was not in place and coffee passed into the brew funnel.

This could be as a result of the following causes:

1). The jug was not tightened enough onto the boiler. (If the seal is new, you may need to over-tighten the jug).

2). Water on the boiler and jug threads; please ensure before assembling for brewing that you completely dry any water on the threads. If water is on the threads while under pressure, this could cause a steam leak if the jug/boiler thread is not tightened enough

3). This could also be a result of the moka-pot funnel seal requiring replacement. (Please refer to the seal changing guide).

If you can hear water inside the basecap - this is completely normal, (it was designed for disassembly to remove this standing brew water. To remove, simply pull the metal cap from in the basecap apart from the plastic basecap. If this is stuck in place as a result of the vacuum created from the water, please use a butter knife to edge the metal cap away from the body until it can be pulled apart.

This is as a result of the main French Press seal not being orientated correctly; (as per the seal changing guide in our User Guide) or, the seal requires replacement.

This is as a result of using a grind size that is too fine for the filter and as a result, more coffee particles will be able to pass through our filter screen holes. Another reason is that
there was no pressure could be from under-dosing or also not allowing sufficient steeping time prior to plunging.

No, Varia can brew all methods using a filter/french press grind size. If you want to extract even more from your coffee, we recommend investing in a quality grinder so that you can adjust to suit your brewing preference.


The small wooden handle was made to be removable, it can be reattached with a gentle push back onto the crank arm. You will hear a small click once the wooden handle connects to the crank arm again.

Please DO NOT grind when the burrs are set the finest setting, this will cause damage to the burr edge, please refer to the user manual provided and ensure the burrs are set 4-5 clicks back from the finest setting.

Please refer to the assembly/disassembly guide in the user manual provided.

The micron shift per click is 0.040mm or 40 microns per click.

Yes, there is no rust potential when using this small amount of water for the RTD method of grinding. If you use a larger quantity of water e suggest a quick disassemble to check that everything is dry.

Please refer to the assembly/disassembly guide in the user manual provided.

We do not recommend to put the Varia Hand Grinder into the dishwasher.


The scale has an automatic power saving mode when it is not touched in a 3 minute time period. Please just tap the weighing panel and the scale will wake up and still display the previous weight and time on the display.

The Varia LED Scale uses a 0.1gm deviation.

The Varia LED Scale is not waterproof, it is only splash resistant and should not be submersed in water.

The Varia LED Scale uses 3 x AAA batteries, you can find the battery port on the base.


Please check your local plug type requirements and electrical standards before purchasing, ensure that you review the terms and conditions in order to ensure you country will allow the importation of our Kettle.

The Varia Smart Kettle uses mains corded power.

The Varia Smart Kettle uses 1.0 degree incremental temperature adjustments.

We use STRIX BRITISH ELEMENTS in the Varia Smart Kettle and each element is tested for over 10,000 cycles of lifetime.

DO NOT put any part of the Varia Smart Kettle in the dishwasher, please read the user manual included in full.